Old Main Brewing Company - Investment Information

Who We Are

We are an Aggie born and operated brewery that will be focused on providing premium craft beers to the Aggie community, as well as educating future Aggies on the growing craft beer industry. We seek to build a legacy and brand that honors the values and traditions of Texas A&M University, as well as a means to give back to the Bryan/College Station community.

What We're Asking For

We are asking for $500,000 in initial funding.

$300,000 will be used to purchase production equipment, $100,000 for brewery, tap room, and kitchen renovations.

The final $100,000 will be used to fund the first year of production while the business grows and expands to fulfill orders throughout the region.

Our Team

Ryan Becker, CEO and GM Brewing Operations

Ryan graduated from Texas A&M in 2012 and has been an Army Officer and pilot for 6 years. He has served on multiple deployments on multiple continents in the War on Terror. Ryan has been home brewing for 6 years, perfecting recipes that have a traditional spirit and progressive flavors. His wife, Jayme, also graduated from Texas A&M in 2012 and has been in the logistics industry since then.

Nate Munson, Chief Operations Officer

Nate graduated from Texas A&M in 2012, first meeting Ryan as a fellow freshman cadet in Company B-2. He entered the private sector after graduation, and currently works as a software Product Manager for the USA Today Network. Nate has a strong foundation in digital marketing, brand development, business analytics, and Go To Market strategy. His wife, Emily, is also Class of ‘12, and their daughter is the loudest and proudest [future] member of the Class of ‘39.

The brewery is named after the Old Main building, which was the first to be constructed on the campus of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.

Our Plan

Our plan is to sell beer both direct to customer through the tap room and wholesale to bars, restaurants, and package stores. Our tap room will comprise the majority of our revenue the first year while wholesale distribution will eventually make up the majority of our sales mix. We will also be able to sell kegs and cases directly to customers to fulfill bulk gameday requests. Food will also be served at the tap room. A grill will deliver a menu of 3 different tacos daily as well as fries and a combo of fries and our house taco fillings to make a unique nacho offering. Merchandise will be available but this does not constitute a major revenue stream but more of a grassroots marketing strategy where patrons actively market for us through wearable merchandise and vehicle stickers.

What Makes Us Different

Rough Tough! Real Stuff! Old Main Brewing Company is the only brewing company that celebrates the history and traditions of Texas A&M University. We are focused on building a legacy in the Bryan/College Station area, driven by our passion for community and education. This will be done through active volunteerism in B/CS area, charitable contributions to local organizations, as well as partnering with the University regarding classes, internships, and scholarships for future generations of Aggies. Finally, we aspire to produce the highest quality and most palatable craft beer, and aim to make it available wherever Aggies gather--becoming the true beer brand that Aggies can call their own.

Projections / Milestones

Our first milestone will be to have full funding by December 2018. Next we will begin production by July 2019 and begin offering tastings in our tap room by August 2019. Grand opening is tentatively scheduled for September 2019. We predict to be producing up to 5,000 BBLs of beer a year by our 5th year of production.


Here are our financial projections through FY 2023:


Market Validations

Looking at demographic statistics for Bryan / College Station, we have identified the potential to sell to over 855,000 drinking age individuals during a fiscal year--82% of that demographic coming from individuals who visit College Station during Texas A&M's football season.


By marketing to tailgaters, former students, current students, and the general drinking age population of B/CS, our mission is to connect with consumers on the shared passion each demographic has for the University. Building our brand to honor the traditions and spirit of the Univiersity will make our beverages synonymous with Aggieland, and our taproom a destination venue for congregation and fellowship for all Aggies.

Brew Lineup

S.E.C. Pale Ale

Brewed with Simico, El Dorado, and Citra hops, this is a bright and refreshing American Pale Ale that also remains amazingly sessionable. This beer is great all year round for all occasions, especially tailgates. A mild malt flavor paired with a bright but balanced blend of hops makes this beer your go to all year round.



Rudder's Red

Rudder’s Red pays tribute to the US Army Rangers led by General Earl Rudder during WWII. Warm Belgian malt, Texas Rye, and yeast brewed with Azacca hops gives it a spicy and well bodied ale. This warm beer will definitely bring the bold out in you.

Wrecking Brew IPA

This IPA packs a heavy hop punch but remains approachable. Brewed with pale malt and oats, this beer is a based in tradition but is definitely not your normal IPA.

Pass It Back Pilsner

Just like the tradition of passing it back on game day, this Pilsner deserves to be shared. Brewed with all loral hops, pilsner malt, and Texas flaked corn. This lager imparts heavy floral notes, crisp lager finish, and a sweet smooth finish.

Seasonal Brews

The Hit

This rotational SMASH (Single Malt and Single Hop) IPA will be available year round, but in different variations. We will use this to educate patrons to the differences in malts, hops, and even yeast strains. An educational, yet enjoyable way to learn!

Fighting Farmers Saison

A hoppy farmhouse beer brewed with rye, red wheat, and a blend of dwarf hops. This beer is complex and malty. The fighting spirit of the Aggies is only rivaled by the mouthfeel and body of this traditional Texas farmhouse beer.

Off The Wood DIPA

A Texas take on the New England IPA. Hazy and hoppy but with a more piny and citrusy flavor over the normal fruit forward style. This brew is also aged over Texas pine and oak to impart rich woody undertones.

Albritton Witton

A wit beer that makes a big statement just like a certain tower on campus. Brewed with Texas wheat and pale malt, this traditional brew pairs well with BBQ and spicy food.